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January 18, 2018

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January 21

Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Bible Study at 9:45 am. 

February 14

Valentine's Day Dinner 

March 15-18

Kid's Camp 

March 15-17

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March 25

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January 21

Genesis 1

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First Southern Baptist Church of Avondale


To understand or play football, you need to know some basic terms (offense, defense, special teams, first down, man-to-man, zone, blitz, etc.), know the basic rules (how to score, what's allowable, what's illegal), and have some basic skills, such as blocking, tackling, passing, and running.  If you don't know the terminology and the rules and you have no skills, it is a frustrating game.


That's true of any sport, any job, and any hobby.


It's also true of Christianity.  We need to know our basic beliefs, our basic terminology, the basic instructions for living the Christian life, and we need to learn the basic skills.


Those are the things we are going to study and learn beginning this Sunday in The Essentials, What We Believe and How We Live.


We invite you to attend, and to invite others to attend with you!


I'm as excited about this series as any I've ever been involved in, and I'm looking forward to the things that God is going to do. 


Join us this Sunday!



If you are interested in serving on a team to plan and begin Saturday evening worship services to our church, then we invite you to a meeting on Saturday, February 3, at 6:00 pm.  We will need musicians, greeters, ushers, security workers, and nursery workers.  You can choose to work either in a short-term (help us get started) or long-term basis if you plan on worshipping on Saturdays regularly.


We don't have a firm start-up date yet, but the number of potential workers will help us determine when is the best time to start. 


We believe that offering a quality Saturday worship service will help us grow and reach new people in our community! 

From A Federal Prison Camp in California . . .

We helped many families at Christmas through our Project Angel Tree Ministry.  Here is one thank you from a mom who deeply appreciated our ministry.  I can't give you her name (we cropped it out), but you can still pray for her and for her family!

Pastor's Blog


Read Pastor Jack's latest blog on "Things I'd Like To See . . . Washington Version."  It's a non-partison group of suggestions for the leaders of our country.  Read it at www.fsbca.org/blog.


He will follow this up in future weeks with an Arizona Version, a church version, and maybe a few more.  Feel free to share your comments with him via email at pastor@fsbca.org



January 14 - Sunday (Make Up Day)

January 15 - Genesis 48-50

January 16 - Exodus 1-4

January 17 - Exodus 5-8

January 18 - Exodus 9-12

January 19 - Exodus 13-16

January 20 - Exodus 17-20


January 21 - Sunday (Make Up Day)

January 22 - Exodus 21-24

January 23 - Exodus 25-28

January 24 - Exodus 29-32

January 25 - Exodus 33-36

January 26 - Exodus 37-40

January 27 - Leviticus 1-4



Make your reservations now for a Valentine’s Day Dinner. This youth camp fundraiser dinner is Wednesday, February 14 from 5:00-9:00 pm. This is a church wide event. Please plan to attend with your sweetheart or come to enjoy the company of others as a single in the beautiful restaurant atmosphere with live music. The menu begins with a salad and choice of dressing followed by Chicken Parmesan on a bed of pasta, delectable sauce and garlic bread. The pièce de résistance is a slice of homemade cheesecake with strawberry sauce and whipped cream. Child care is also available. Children will watch a movie and enjoy spaghetti, garlic bread, and a cupcake. Couples are asked to donate $30, singles $15 and child care including the meal is $10. Please plan to join us! Every lady gets a rose! Reservation tables will be outside the east foyer Sunday mornings, February 4 & 11. You can also secure your table by emailing Student Ministries Director Holly Kilfoyle at students@fsbca.org

Staff Expansion


We are looking to expand our church staff by calling a part-time preschool coordinator to oversee our nursery and preschool ministries.  Contact Naomi in our church office for a job description and an application and to answer preliminary questions about the position.  We are accepting resumes and applications now, and we will be scheduling interviews in January.


There are no pre-determined educational requirements for the job, but we are looking for someone with either the appropriate education or the experience necessary to help us improve and coordinate our nursery and preschool ministries.  A clean, modern, safe, and well-staffed nursery is necessary for our church to attract families, so we are seeking a staffer with high standards for excellence!

Men's Group Resumes!

From Willy Elizondo and Jim Leligdon


It seems like nearly every day, there is another story of a politician, actor, businessman, coach, or a pastor who failed morally.  This brings great shame and embarassment to the man himself and to his friends and families.


 Men are in a fight for their integrity, their families, and their future. Facing the battles of life as a Christian demands courage. Our men's group next study, "Stepping Up," will give men the vision and the tools to live godly courageous lives.


Our men's group will begin on January 22 at 7:00 pm.  The study will be held at Jim Leligdon's house.


For more details and for directions, contact Jim Leligdon at 623-694-7094 or Willy Elizondo at 623-258-8809.

Family Retreat

July 11-15, 2018

For any family with a disability!


One of our partner ministries, Joni and Friends, does an incredible job of ministering to families who have a child with a disabilty.  We are currently learning how we can be more effective in helping these families.


 One of their new ministries is to put on a family retreat at their new Family Retreat Center near Overgaard, Arizona.  For more information, you can read about their new retreat center (Bison Ranch)  and the retreat itself, scheduled for July 11-15.  Find out more and register online!