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September 21, 2017

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September 24

Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Bible Study at 9:45 am. 

September 24

6:00 pm Tell Someone Continues 

September 25

6:30 pm Monday Night Faith Continues

October 28

Billy Moore's Day Parade

October 29

Fall Festival

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September 17

Revelation 3:14-22 

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First Southern Baptist Church of Avondale

"To the angel of the church at FSBCA, write . . ."

We have just finished studying the letters to the churches of Revelation.  Each one began in the above fashion.  I honestly found myself wishing I could find in the ancient manuscripts a letter written to us, "To the angel of the church at FSBCA, write these things."


I would love to hear direct words like that from Jesus.  I would love to hear, "You're doing these things well."  I would even willingly hear, "But you really need to work on these things."


I'd love to hear these things because I really do want to be the church that Jesus wants us to be.  And a direct word to us would be incredible, even if it were in the form of a correction or a rebuke.


But Jesus didn't write us a letter.  So we must do the hard work.  Pray.  Read the Bible.  Look at the commands and follow them.  Look at the principles and find the best ways to implement them.  Pray some more and ask Jesus what He's saying.  Use discernment.  Seek godly counsel.  Learn from others. Evaluate the times and today's culture to understand the issues and the needs of people.


Seek Jesus and work through the process all over again.  And then pray some more.


Over the next two weeks, I want to share with the church some of the things that I believe that Jesus is saying to us.  We're doing these things well.  We need to improve in certain areas.  We face these challenges in the future and we need to deal with them honestly.


I'm not infallible, and I certainly don't have all the answers.  But I honestly want to share from my heart the things I believe that God wants to say to us.


Join us for the next two weeks as we study these things.  And then join us on the third week (October 8) for the Lord's Supper.


See you Sunday!


Pastor Jack


Our biggest event of the year is right around the corner! Our Fall Festival is Sunday, October 29, from 2-5 pm. If you’ve been involved in the Fall Festival before, you know two things: it’s a ton of work, but it’s all worth it. We expect to have anywhere between 1,000-1,500 people from our community in our parking lot on that day. We’ll have bounce houses, carnival games, great prizes, and tons of candy – literally! Plus, you’ll have the chance to dunk a staff member or two in the dunk tank. This is one of the best opportunities on our calendar to show our city who we are and why we’re here.


The event is totally free to attend, thanks to members who volunteer and donate candy. If you’d like to do either of those things, please contact Kenny Marslender. We are hoping to have over 100 volunteers this year.

Also, we will be participating in the Billy Moore Days parade on Saturday, October 28. We will be promoting the Fall Festival with a carnival-themed float and volunteers handing out candy and flyers. If you’d like to join us and walk alongside the float, let us know! This is a unique way for us to promote the event and our ministries in general, and thanks to the generosity of the city of Avondale, our entry into the parade is free!

We are very excited about the Fall Festival and the people we will meet and show love to on that day. Please pray about serving in the event. Most volunteers will be supervising games and handing out candy. We will
also need volunteers to set up and tear down, to handle food, and to run candy
and water to other volunteers. It’s a fun, high-paced day that we look forward
to every year!


Please contact Kenny or sign up at our ministry table this Sunday.

Last Sunday's Video



I loved the movie War Room, and this was a particularly memorable scene tha illustrated Pastor Jack's message well!


Jesus was a master storyteller.  He had the ability to tell incredible short stories—the kind that could be shared in a minute or two.  These stories still resonate with people today, and they speak to human hearts about the most important of issues.


Beginning on Sunday, October 15 and continuing through November 19, we will look at six of these incredible stories.  And since these stories speak to us about issues at the heart of the gospel, it will be an excellent to invite others!

We Want To Honor The Veteran's In Your Family!

November 5 & 12


Our church does an awesome job of honoring Veterans every year on our "Hall of Honor," and we would like to honor the veterans in your family!  Whether they are alive or they have gone home to be with the Lord, we would like to hang their picture on our wall.   


Please send us no later than October 31 a picture and appropriate information (name, branch of service, rank, and who the person is related to.)  The pictures should be 8" x 10, but we can scan and enlarge or print from digital photos and return your originals.  You can bring in this information to the office during office hours (M-Th from 8:00 to 4:00) or you can email the information and the scanned photo to Pastor Jack


If you gave us the information last year, you don't need to send it again.  We still have last year's pictures!


 The pictures will be on display in our church on November 5 and 12.  All Veterans will be honored and given a gift on Sunday, November 12, so plan now to invite a veteran!


Want to get involved in a minsitry designed to share God's love with others?  Find out full details at www.fsbca.org/lovepeople.