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September 20, 2018

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Sep 16 Sermon

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September 22

6:00 pm Worship

September 23

Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Bible Study at 9:45 am. 

October 13

Priscilla Shirer Live

October 14

6:00 pm Missions Banquet


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Saturday / Sunday Bible Readings

Want to read the weekend text before Pastor Jack preaches them?


September 22-23

John 4:43-54

September 29-30

John 5:1-14

October 6-7

John 6:1-14

October 13-14

John 6:16-24

October 20-31

John 9:1-41

October 27-28

John  11:38-44

I have received an incredible number of requests to boycott sporting events, companies, and even fast-food restaurants.  How do I deal with requests that come to me for political purposes?  Read my answer in my blog!



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First Southern Baptist Church of Avondale


In John's Gospel


The miracle we will study this weekend from the Gospel of John (the healing of the official’s son) is unique in several ways: 


First of all, this healing was done from a distance.  Most of Jesus' miracles were done face-to-face, and often included a physical touch of some sort.  That's undoubtedly what the royal official had in mind when he asked Jesus to come to his home (about 16 miles away) to heal his dying son, but Jesus did not need to come to do the healing.  He did it from a distance at that very moment he was asked.


Secondly, this miracle was done for a Gentile, which must have surprised the disciples.  They were thinking of him as a Jewish Messiah who would focus his love and attention only on the Jews--and who would destroy the Romans.  The fact that Jesus healed the son of a Roman official had to have been a major adjustment to their faith.


And thirdly, the father had a faith that was greater than many of the Jews, for he “took Jesus at His word” and went back to Capernaum.  This is even more remarkable when you understand that this was early in Jesus’ ministry, and Jesus' reputation as a miracle-worker was not yet well known.


There is much we can learn about Jesus, about faith, and about ourselves as we study this miracle this weekend.  So join us on Saturday (6:00 pm) or Sunday (8:30 or 11:00 am) for worship!


Pastor Jack


Our first Saturday Evening Worship Service was a success.  A total of 47 people were present, and we had our first new member the very first week!  Continue to pray for this service as you pray for our church!

It's time to sign up for one of our biggest outreach events of the year - Fall Festival. Each year our Fall Festival attracts hundreds of our neighborhood families. We offer a fun, family friendly event for all ages with food, games, face painting, cake walk, carnival style games, candy, a train, and more!  You can help by running a game booth, supervising an inflatable, getting in the dunk tank, providing cakes, donating candy, setting up, and cleaning up. It's a big job and a great way to show love to our neighbors. You can sign up to help by emailing amy@fsbca.org or calling or texting 623.261.7824.

See You At The Pole!


SEE YOU AT THE POLE is on Wednesday, September 26, at 7:00 am local time. All around the globe, in every time zone, students will gather at the flagpoles in front of their schools, praying for their school, friends, families, churches, and communities.


SEE YOU AT THE POLE is a day committed to global unity in Christ and prayer for our student's generation. This year's theme comes from Ephesians 3:14, "Broken: I Fall on My Knees Before the Father."


Encourage teens to join with others at their school to participate in this great annual event.


And please pray for students everywhere as they take a stand for Christ!

Missions Passport Dinner

October 14, 6:00 pm


Get your Passport to our missions dinner, which will be held on Sunday evening, October 14, at 6:00 pm.  Tickets are $10 per adult, and $5 for a child 12 and under.  The proceeds will benefit our 2019 missions plans.  Passports (tickets) will be available following this weekend's services.


We do missions at a level far beyond most churches.  We give strongly to missions.  We go on mission trips.  We start churches.  We partner with many different organizations.  And we do an incredible amount of mission work right here in our own community.  At this dinner, we will celebrate what we have done and reveal our plans for 2019.


Even the unique menu will represent our mission work:


Navajo Tacos (Representing a new partnership with a Navajo Church)

Buckeye Beans (Celebrating our partnership with The Edge Church in Verrado)

Dominican Fruit Salad (Celebrating our partnership with Dominica)

Tres Leches (Celebrating our next new church in the Tres Rios area)


Tickets will be available following all weekend services!


In your 20's, newly married, and doing well?  Been married for 15 years and ready for a tune-up? Struggling with some marital issues?  Celebrated your 40th anniversary but still know your marriage could be better?  No matter what your situation, this class will hellp you improve your marriage.  The class lasts for only 6 weeks and will offer great quality videos and discussion-based workbooks.  It will be led by Pastor Jack and will meet in the worship center:




Sep 16 - Sunday (Make Up Day)

Sep 17 - Hosea 9-12

Sep 18 - Hosea 13-16

Sep 19 - Joel 1-3

Sep 20 - Amos 1-3

Sep 21 - Amos 4-6

Sep 22 - Amos 7-9


Sep 23 - Sunday (Make Up Day)

Sep 24 - Obadiah 1

Sep 25 - Jonah 1-4

Sep 26 - Micah 1-3

Sep 27 - Micah 4-7

Sep 28 - Nahum 1-3

Sep 29 - Habakkuk 1-3