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October 18, 2018

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October 20-21

John 9:1-41

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First Southern Baptist Church of Avondale

Great Answer!


He had been low man on the totem pole all of his life.  He was born blind in an era that had no technology to help the blind.  Braille had not been invented.  There were no guide dogs, no organizations dedicated to the blind, no computers to translate text-to-speech.  He was forced to be a beggar.  There simply wasn't any other option for him.


But it's worse even than it seems.  He lived in a culture in which it was assumed (falsely, as Jesus points out) that his blindness was the result of his own sin.  Therefore, there was little in the way of compassion offered.  I'm quite sure that he had been called every name in the book and been put down in every way possible.  Jews could be compassionate, but they could also be cruel.


And then he met Jesus, and Jesus gave him sight.


That's the nature of Jesus.  He shows compassion to all people, but he shows extra compassion on those who need it the most. 


And as often happened, when Jesus showed compassion, He received criticism because the healing was on a Sabbath.  (Technically speaking, the healing itself wasn't criticized.  It was the "mixing of spittle and mud" that was against the law.  In a previous miracle we studied, it wasn't the healing of a lame man, but the telling of the man to "carry his mat" that was criticized.)  The criticism was as petty as possible.


But the man refused to participate in the criticism.  Instead he answered the critics perfectly.  Essentially, he said, "I don't want to get into your theological discussion, and I am not going to criticize Jesus myself.  All I know is what He did for me.  I was blind.  Now I see.  That's all I need to know."


That's a great answer, and one we can learn from.  We don't always have to answer every theological question, but we do need to give testimony to what Jesus has done for us.


So if He has done something for you, speak up.  People need to know what we think of Jesus!


Join us this weekend as we study Jesus healing a blind man.


Pastor Jack

Solar Structure


If you've driven by the church this week, you will have noticed that our solar and shade structure is under construction.  We are making real progress!


Here are some details you may not have heard:  (1) The entire project is being done at no cost to the church.  (2) We will, though, get significant energy savings and 36 shaded parking spaces.  (3)  We will not be responsible for upkeep and maintenance.  The company doing the work for us will actually own the structure and maintain it.  They will also receive energy savings, tax-savings, and depreciation.


It will significantly improve our campus!

 Business Meeting


At our next business meeting (on October 31 at 6:30 pm), Pastor Jack will present a proposal to change our name to Avondale Baptist Church.  We will not take action that evening, but it will be a chance to find out the "why" and the "how" and the "when" of changing our name.  We will vote for it officially in our January business meeting.

Pick Up A Copy!

Mission Passport 2018-19


Pick up a 2018-19 version of our Mission Passport.  It will let you know how we view and do our mission work and it will present some of our newest plans for 2019.


You will learn that we give to missions out of our budget and through special gifts.  You will find out that we go on mission trips.  (We may have two mission trips in 2019!)  We start new churches.  We pray for missions.  We partner with many other organizations.  We help struggling churches.  We do an abundance of ministries to show God's love right here in our own community.


Our Mission Passport will give you the details and give you many ministries to pray for and to serve in. 


You can get a copy in the church foyers or office.  It's 8 full pages of how we do missions as a denomination and as a church!



Children are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work.


If that thought resonates with your heart, we need you in our Children's Ministry. Teaching a class. Leading a game. Praying with and for our kids. Assisting in a classroom. Preparing a craft or activity. Sharing the gospel with children. Coaching a basketball team. Supervising a Fall Festival game. Wrapping presents. Collecting pennies. This is a short list of the possibilities of serving in the Children's ministry and taking part in the most important work: Showing love to children and leading them to Jesus.


Our greatest needs are on Sunday morning at 9:45 and Saturday night at 6:15 pm. Want to join our team? Contact amy@fsbca.org or call/text 623.261.7824. 

Building Projects


The Building and Grounds Team would like to thank all those who have generously contributed to the remodeling fund over the past few years.  We've completed the remodeling of the bathrooms in the main building and they look great! 


And you may have also noticed that the solar panels are going up in the west parking lot.  (This project is being completed at no cost to us!)


However, our remodeling fund is now depleted and we would ask that you continue to prayerfully give.  Our next project will be to remodel the bathrooms in building 'D'. 


Thank you for your support of our church and our building team!


Pick up a few of our business-card sized Invite Cards this weekend, and use them to invite others to worship.  They have basic church information on the front, and a very simple A-B-C-D format that you can use to talk to people about Jesus.  (And even if you only have time to give them a card, they now have it in writing!)  NEW . . . our Invite Cards now include our Saturday worship service!

It's time to sign up for one of our biggest outreach events of the year - Fall Festival. Each year our Fall Festival attracts hundreds of our neighborhood families. We offer a fun, family friendly event for all ages with food, games, face painting, cake walk, carnival style games, candy, a train, and more!  You can help by running a game booth, supervising an inflatable, getting in the dunk tank, providing cakes, donating candy, setting up, and cleaning up. It's a big job and a great way to show love to our neighbors. You can sign up to help by emailing amy@fsbca.org or calling or texting 623.261.7824.



Oct 14 - Sunday (Make Up Day)

Oct 15 - Matthew 21-24

Oct 16 - Matthew 25-28

Oct 17 - Mark 1-4

Oct 18 - Mark 5-8

Oct 19 - Mark 9-12

Oct 20 - Mark 13-16

Oct 21 - Sunday (Make Up Day)

Oct 22 - Luke 1-4

Oct 23 - Luke 5-8

Oct 24 - Luke 9-12

Oct 25 - Luke 13-16

Oct 26 - Luke 17-20

Oct 27 - Luke 21-24